Why go wirefree?

A lot of people ask us, "Why wirefree?". So we thought we'd answer this question with the a story of how SimpleBra first started and some statistics.

Our goal at SimpleBra is to create the most comfortable wirefree bra in the world. This is no easy task, as most women are used to wearing underwired bras even though they might not need the additional support. When making the switch to wireless bras, they find that it takes some getting used to. 

We started with research. We read hundreds of wire free bra reviews and tried on dozens of brands including:

- bali® wirefree bra comfort revolution
- calvin klein wirefree bra
- dkny wirefree bra
- hanes wirefree bra
- jockey wirefree bra
- maidenform wirefree bra
- warners wirefree lift bra
lovable wirefree bra
- playtex wirefree nursing bra
- wire free bras victoria secret

And we tried on several wirefree bras at Kohls, Macy's and Target. We found that most of these bras were either unlined or too heavily padded, and felt very bulky and cumbersome. So we decided to prototype and design a lightweight padded wirefree bra that provided the best comfort and support. 

We also looked into the history of underwired bras. 

According to Wikipedia:  "The modern underwire bra was designed in the 1930s, and gained widespread popularity by the 1950s. As of 2005, underwire bras were the largest and fastest growing segment of the bra market." Today they make up about 70% of the market.


Why should you go wirefree?

1. Health reasons

Underwire bras can cause breast pain because they are too constrictive, mastitis (inflammation of the breast tissue), and metal allergies such as contact dermatitis from exposure to nickel and other metals . They may contribute to clogged milk ducts in pregnant and lactating women. For women who have undergone a mastectomy, it is recommended that they not wear an underwired bra for several days or even months after the surgery. 

2. Travel and Safety

Underwired bras can often set off the metal detectors at airport security and cause a lot of embarrassment. They are not allowed in some correctional facilities and may have to be removed before entering. 

3. Comfort

For women from a 30AA cup to a 36DD cup, a wirefree bra should provide adequate support for daily use. It is far more comfortable than having a metal wire poke at you all day long. We recommend trying on a few different brands and sizes (usually a band/cup size bigger and smaller) to see which works best for you. 

4. Her First Bra

As a teenager goes through puberty and her body is changing, it's confusing enough to have to start wearing a bra without it being an uncomfortable underwired bra. A lightweight padded wirefree bra would be the best choice for a young girls' first bra.

We hope we've convinced you to go wirefree. SimpleBra is a great choice for a padded wirefree comfortable bra. It's currently on sale and can be purchased for a limited time for only $39. We ship internationally to the UK, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia and India. 

Please get in touch if you have any questions: hello@simplebra.com

Here's to being comfortable always!